It rained heavily today

And with the dark clouds unleashing such downpour

I kept thinking about you

And about us:

How lovely it would have been

If only you and I had been together

At such a wonderful shower time of nature.

I chatted with you as the sun came out

And missed you even more

As I thought of you

And of how grander

All this would have been

If only you and I had been together,

Getting ourselves soaked in the shower

And then drying ourselves up in the sunlight

Anointed with the balm of mutual love.

It looked like you were smiling out at me

And as I gazed at each and every flower

I could feast my eyes upon

At such a time...

---Which I always do...

I pondered and smiled more and more


At your womanly magic and

Your loving ways

That have cast a loving spell

All their own


Yet one more day in my life.

I miss you terribly

O my beloved rare woman!

I want to clasp you to my heart

And become one with you

In a bond of inseparable love, affection and fondness.

So one

So much one

That the thought of us being two

Never becomes even the whisper of a fact

Ever again...

I miss you my darling

And here I am

Crazier than before

Venting out my feelings

To just you

And longing for that special moment to come

When the two of us

Can become one

In body, mind, heart and soul...

One as two halves of a soul

Never to feel as 'two'

Ever again.


Let me thank you

O my beloved rare woman

For the joy you have spread

In my sad life

And also for how

You make me stand up and rise

With each and every word

And more than that

That lovely, lovely grin

Which shows me and lights up for me

The infinite possibility

Of being loved even more

By you

And none but you

In reciprocal fashion

And with that lovely thought

I find a purpose in my living

So thank I you

One more time

Like I shall continue to do so

Ever and ever again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the woman who truly loves me.

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