Gray day

Dull evening

No one to share a thought with.

So much

The daily hours contain

Yet those like me end up bored.


Have to be fulfilled

Can I turn my back on them?

My beloved

Is giving me doses

Of her own optimism

But she knows I know the truth.

I am fed up

Of this world and its lies

Even its so-called science

For I have sat and mulled

And in takes but a moment

To discover what the real truth is.

I must strive even harder

Than the elliptical paths of the sun,

The moon, the stars, the planets

And even the entire cosmos

I have to try so much hard

To discover my own elliptical path

And become nothing in myself

And become all with just Him.

The dead moon is the new moon

So I must keep on struggling

To kill everything that means 'me'

My whole entirety must dissolve

And become elliptically inclined

To be eternal, with Him.

I must become the dead moon

To break the cycle of new phases

I must die and while doing this

My elliptical orbit must bless me

With eternal life...For He does not die...

Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes him...

He does not die

So I want to succeed in being One with Him.

That is why eternity is!

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POSTED ON 29.6.2010.

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