No, O saqi, No more of wine here

I have won the love of a lady most true

Farewell to the tavern. to the cup and the drink

True love has at last conquered every fear.

Be not amazed O saqi, be not perplexed at all

She loves me with her heart, mind and soul

To love and be loved is God's rare blessing

So let me bid adieu to the tavern's cajoling.

True love is rare and she is rare too

The woman who loves me and knows how to love

Even in my dreams I had no such vision

But God rained His mercy directly from heaven.

My beloved is a woman whose purity of soul

Makes her stand tall among all her kind

This I say with firm conviction that she

Loves me truly with soul, heart and mind.

Tell the drinkers to pour out a farewell drink

And let me bless all with a sincere tear

In drinks lies a balm which can soothe sorrow

But with my beloved is the key to my tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*SAQI: Arabic/Persian/Indian/Pakistani description of the person who gives drinks at a tavern. It is usually a veiled woman. The term has other meanings as well.
Written in praise of the woman who truly loves me. I am grateful to God Almighty to be blessed...Indeed I am!

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