How these weather changes

Like untrustworthy friends

Affect our plans

And how tiny we become

In our own sight

Within a matter of minutes

As God's natural changes

Show us the true image

Of our often overly magnified sizes

Of forms, egos and pride.

We cannot ever compare

With the Incomparable One

We who come into the wombs

Of our mothers as invisible zygotes

Formed by even greatly invisible

Sperms and eggs of a man and a woman

Fused to become a living cell

In the climatic voluptuousness

Of physical entwining!

And when we fade away

With the passing of the years

And become non-visible again

What importance is there to justify

All our braggings of being something

When in fact we are nothing.

At least the dark clouds and lightning

Cackle, flash and thunder

To pour down rain water

And replenish a thirsty earth.

What does the love-making that ends up

In forming a living cell that becomes us

Gradually and eventually

Ever have to offer to the needy?

We come out of the womb

Wailing and crying

As if we are being forced to come

And exist as we often exist

Without any great purpose in life

Or in living.

We come out helplessly seeking

A breath of life in our dirty unwashed forms

As if we are but accidental creations

Of a loveless unison

Created by sexually craving opposite bodies!

And yet we bawl out louder and louder

As we grow and younger and prouder

Famous often and notorious most often

Saying we are greater and beyond compare


We cannot even be as sparkling and shiny

As a pure drop of a rain drizzle!

We cannot even move with the mighty winds

And become tempests and storms!

We -- the nothing at all

Proudly lie to ourselves

By proclaiming that we are the greatest of all.


Laugh do I at my own unworthiness

And at the invisible microscopical entity

Of the sperm and egg that unite to form me

Into a human being

In the womb of the woman

Whose every movement is ruled as ordained

By the One Lord God

The Alive, the Eternal,

The One Whom sleep does not humble

Nor tiredness numb

His immeasurable strength.

The unseen Light of the universe

Is the One whom I regard as the Greatest.

Yes He is so

Undisputably so.

Undeniably so.

The Lord God of the whole universe.

And I owe everything I appear to be

In the sight of those who praise and admire me

And also love me

To my most merciful, loving God Almighty

Whom I love to call Allah.

He is the Greatest

And I who have already proved above

My nothingness

Take loving pride

In proclaiming His greatness

As the weather changes

Like an unpredictable friend

And makes my beloved woman

Look fairer and fairer

In the repainted scenery of nature

Which shines forth on the canvas

Of the dark clouds and lightning

As the loveliest woman on earth.

And it also does appear

That anybody who looks at her

In such loveliness

Will definitely say

All praise really belongs

To the God who made her

Not out of lust like many of Adam's seeds

But out of His pure, unblemished

Universal artistry of beauty

Which is classically defined as true love.

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