Autumn nights are just the first hint of change

And the mornings are a strange mixture of sweat and breeze

But I care not for our love is so strange

It is constant, strong and destined not to cease.

You are always fresh and beautiful to me

I'm pleased with myself for loving you this way

My intense passion for you is like a tree

That can weather all storms and the seasons' sway.

I have always thought about love in an idealist's manner

From my childhood have I felt of it as divine

So when I opened up my heart to you last summer

I knew with certainty you too would not decline.

If there is any misunderstanding or a difference of thoughts

Between you and me they do not alter

The deep and certain love-bond which is stronger than knots

This bond of love always grows stronger.

You are a lady of a land of great people

And you have a depth which is even greater

In thoughts, in vision and in all worldly affairs

Even in the matters of the heart you rise higher

Than the rest of all I know around me, every where.

You are quite intuitive and can see through souls

So never ever mistake me or my love for you

For to love you forever is one of my goals

And to make all your dreams of happiness come true.

These chats on the net and the phone calls we share

Are just the first step towards a grand future

The help you have come up with is also quite rare

In a world which inflicts pain, grief and torture.

You make me feel proud of all that you do

To me and those who matter to me dearly

Your kind deeds only increase my fondness for you

And I feel that I am indeed very lucky.

God is the Greatest and still I did not dream

That I will be blessed by Him with such love and loving

You are the possessor of my whole in this world's scene

And I am overwhelmed by your incomparable being.

O my darling! My dearer than the dearest!

I love you like I have loved no woman till now

Believe this my beloved, you are my fairest

In all ways imaginable you are my true love.

I am so much in love with you that I cannot bear

To see, hear or know about how other guys feel

You are lovely indeed but I cannot share

You with any other man, real or unreal.

O my Sweet Sin! My soul's sweetest half!

I pine for you and my moments do not pass

Save in gloom and sadness does laugh

At my state of longing and sighs of 'alas'.

You say you loved me even before this life

And I too said this quite often in my lines

We are two bodies but in fact one entity

And so shall we be till eternity.

My soul, my life, you are nearer than my breath

I am not being poetic nor am I am rambling

Nor am I being crazy for your love is my wreath

Which shall one day relate all my loving.

And this too I shall stress again like always

My love for you is divine, pure, sacrosanct

And feel that even yours glows with the grace

That makes even angels sing in the firmament.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my latest poem for the woman who truly loves and even I love her with all my heart. Knock wood.

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