O President Barack Obama

You came with a new promise

To change human lives everywhere

And make one and all prosper.

Your vision of "Change" is grand and great

But the vows you made are still mere vows

Not just America, the outer world too

Like a patient spectator does wait.

The wise minds in world policies know

That a duanting task lies ahead of you

While your detractors want you to quit

Just like they wanted out Ali* too.

Your rivals are calling you an alien

That you are not even an American

The "Cassiuses"* and the "Cascas"*

Are out to suck and drain your blood.

These foes of yours, now in millions

Are building their legions with each day

They don't like to see a black president

Achieve what many whites couldn't do.

Your far-sightedness is indeed good

And better than your predecessor

You want world peace, it's understood

But those who hate will be like usurpers.

You are a wise President, O Obama!

And must be aware of the dangers around

You are doing your best for your country

But opposers will you always find.

They hurl insults at your birthday too

And take pride in calling you a Muslim

And just like they made Ali's life a hell

They are waiting to cast their spell.

O good, Barack Hussain Obama

My heart goes out in sympathy for you

And my nights end with a prayer

May God the Greatest protect you.

May you triumph in keeping your word

And make this globe a better world.

May you efface the line between rich and poor

And live a long life, secure and sure.

This poetic vision of mine also sees

A lot of Abe Lincoln's traits in you

And also a little of Kennedy

And I sincerely wish you success and peace.

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