Who dignified and adored My Kaaba with worship and prayers?

Who embraced My Qur'an with its light in their hearts?

Who struck lightning while battling Romans and Persians?

Who knelt and bowed in humility when the Azaan echoed?

     No doubt, they were your ancestors, but what are you?

     With hands spread out for charity, like beggars are you.

Divided into sects and separated as clans,

Are these the traits you boast of to glorify time's span?

O, Of course you are Syeds, Mirzas and Afghans too!

But O ye proud ones, tell Me, are you Muslims too?                        


....If you are loyal to Muhammad My Messenger, than I am all yours,

What is this world in value, the Book of Fate is yours."


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Tranlations of verses taken from Allama Iqbal's famous Urdu poem titled "Jawab-e-Shikwa: meaning "Response to the complaint). The long poem is an inspired epic like a direct reply by God Almighty to the "Shikwa" -- meaning "Complaint" written a few years ago (early 20th century)  -- TRANSLATED AND
POSTED ON MAY 31, 2010.

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