O you shameless Muslims worldwide!

Be you Arabs or be you non-Arabs

It does not matter anymore now

For you have become spineless duds.

The beloved Prophet of God, Muhammad

Is being blasphemed by fanatic devils

In the print and electronic media

And even on the internet worldwide

And yet, you are drowned in wine and women

Indolence, luxuries and merry-making

Spending God-sent treasures in vainly pursuits

Gambling in clubs, pubs and bars

Selling your souls and fortunes

To prostitutes, sluts and their children.

You are busy in horses and racing

And building tall buildings in deserts

And revelling with Zionist women

On the beaches where your camels once wandered.

It is still not too late O you all

Pink and pale men in petticoats

Spending your nights with cabaret dancers

Or forming gay clubs in holy cities

Yes, it is still not too late

For you to wake up and rise and see

What all is being done to Islam

And Muslims suffering the world over

Not just that O you castrated rulers

Who call yourself as defenders of the faith

See how our beloved Messenger of Allah

Is being made fun of in cartoons worldwide

In newspapers, journals, yellow tabloids

And now even on some internet sites

Most prominent of which is

The one known as "Facebook"

When will you wake up you dwarfed souls

To save the sanctity of Muslims and Islam

And protect the sacred personality of our Prophet

From these nefarious designs of the insane devils

Who are doing evil in the name of freedom

Freedom of expression and freedom of speech?

Will you wake up or will you not?

O you pink and pale men in petticoats?

Will you rise to defend the honour of Islam

Before you too are completely wiped out

From the pages of history

And God Almighty in His divine wisdom

Replaces you with much better men.

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