Last night, with a friend, under a full moon

An hour or two watching shadows playing hide and seek

I laughed at the confused one who insults and who scorns

Every word of love and yet one who wants the moon.

The filtering beams of light were like fairies in the dark

Spreading the message of love to the hearts that love

And I sighed and prayed to God for the confused one

To beam a special ray of love into a dying spark.

As every breath went by and the moments rolled on too

I and my friend shared a wisdom that seemed new

Then the moon too joined in with a satin-like hush

And wished for the glow therein to light a darkened room.

A heart that loves does not wish harm for anyone

Nor does it vent hatred on others nor spit out venom

So I and my friend looked and looked at the radiance above

And prayed for the confused one to be bathed in its love.

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