My friend who reads the stars says:

There will be thunder and lightning today

Along with pelting rain and angry winds.

I can also see these signs

Quite visibly in the afternoon sky

Thousands and thousands of miles away

From where my friend forecast all this.

I am also worried about another friend

Who is quite depressed and feeling bored

Even this friend is beyond the mountains

And the seas and rivers, beyond my reach.

I have no fear or worry bothering me

For I have put my trust in God Almighty

In whose control is everything

That is destined to happen.

It is Friday and a very holy day

For Muslims all around the globe.

We have to pray while some have

Already done that and are praising God

Silently and secretively

Without making a show of themselves.

I love the thunder and the lightning

I love to bathe in the heavy downpour

I love the cackle of chain lightning

Followed by the roar of the clouds

Like a thousand lions glorigying God

I love the changing moods of June

And the floating breeze of drizzle

Moving like a thousand fairies in flight.

What have I to worry about?

As long as my most merciful and loving God

Is with me at all times.

Love of God is the best panacea

Against fear, depression, gloom

And even age-old superstition.

Let us ask ourselves very honestly:

"Do we really love God Almighty

More than we love ourselves

And all the things we covet?"

If the answer is in the affirmative

Then let us all be relaxed and calm

And let go of our worries and cares

In the merciful love of our God.

Love of God is the truest love

And it is a repellant of all fears

Evil, worries, anxieties and woe.

So my friends beyond the seas

Let us enjoy the mild weather

And brave the gusts of snappy winds

And cleanse ourselves with a good bath

In the pure and refreshing rain water.

Let us talk to the birds as the flit and float

In the gliding wavy air

And share smiles with flowers

Wwlcoming the mercy of God

Swaying to and fro in the wind.

Let us not be just bookworms

Or television freaks

Come, let us enjoy all that

Our loving Lord God has to offer:

Cool wihds ahd rain on a hot June day.

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