O my only loving God

O my merciful Allah

In my heart You are

And will be always present.

I can feel Your presence

Yet I cannot ever define

What I see without seeing

As You are the most sublime.

I am a sinner but I know

You will always forgive me

For You are most merciful

And most gracious in your love.

O my loving Allah

I am grateful as always

For your many blessings

And for the good which they bring.

I cannot count Your favours

They are beyond all the counts

So I humbly venture and say

Thank You for all the good hours.

On this Friday I find myself

Lucky to be grateful like always

And once more like before

I beg forgiveness for evil ways.

I am a sinner, yes I am

But I come to You like I am

Knowing very faithfully

You will be gracious to me.

O my one and only God

Forgive me, guide me, help me

Shower your rain of mercy

On me and all those like me.

Let not go of me O my God

Always I reach out to You

With renewed faith and belief

Will I be always loving You.

Loving you like a faithful soul

Loyal and true to Your Whole

Seeking nothing but Your Grace

To return to You is my goal.

O my Lord God Allah

Keep me subdued only to You

Give me sustenance and all the good

You can from Your providence.

Once more I do pray to You

To forgive me my sinful ways

And increase  manifold

Your great love and Your grace.

The unseen Light that You are

Of the heavens and the earth

So great and magnified above

So resplendent in my heart You are.

In my thankful tears Your glow glistens

As I reverently bow my self

In the longing to be Yours I sigh

For You -- my much-hurt soul does cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on March 19, 2010.

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