Marilyn Monroe

The Kennedy brothers

John and Robert

All gone somehow.

Martin Luther King

Malcolm X

Elvis Presley

And Nazia Hasan

Were all something.

Michael Jackson

Michael Landon

And some others

All like the sun.

These people shared

Famous lives

All talented yet

Took sudden dives.

Last night's air

Heaved many sighs

For souls that went

Like a surprise.

But I saw new stars

With my eyes

Smiling at me

From distant skies.

These well known men

And women

Are much happy there

Then in this pen:

This pen which is

Called as world

Callous, jealous

Of the good there is.

All of us go

From this world

But some leave us

Leaving some whys.

I look above

I look around

In lakes and seas

And on high ground.

No answer found

To some secrets

The clues are there

No sleuth around...

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Posted on March 19, 2010.

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