The hypocrites revel in their self-created delusions

How love is and how passion is, they gloat in unison

Beat them, scourge them and take them to a faithful dog

So that they may learn the meaning of true love sans reason.

Love is selfless, giving and sacrificing

It is not a timely feeling like 'once in a while'

O ye who love, disgrace not this word

For it is the power that gives everything a meaning.

Love is Adam, longing for his Eve,

It is Abraham flung into the fire pit

It is Mary the Virgin giving birth to Jesus

A word from God to warn and give tidings

About the "Paraclete"* -- God's praised messenger

Called Muhammad, a mercy for every living being.

Love is Hussain and his band of followers

The "72" Who embraced martyrdom in Karbala

Love is self negation and all encompassing.

It is a glowing ember in the hearts of the chosen

Men and women whose souls are ethereal

To care for the beloved is their only yearning

And consumption of their own selves is their living.

Love is Sanjokta* and also Yashoda*

Love is Sita* and it is Zulaikha*

It is Prithiviraj* and Quasimodo*

Call it what you like love is everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*PARACLETE: A word derived from "Paracletos" in Greek/Latin. It means "The praised one" and also "The comforter". Muhammad is God Almighty's messenger foretold by Christ (PBUT) in the gospels as: "The one who will come after him...the Spirit of Truth".
*SANJOKTA: Wife of Indian King Prithiviraj who burned herself to death after Prithiviraj's defeat and death in the second battle with Shahabuddin Ghouri -- the Muslim Sultan of Delhi.
*YASHODA: A queen in Indian mythology/scriptures.
*SITA: The wife of Rama as described in "Ramayana".
*ZULAIKHA: The wife of the Egyptian governor during Prophet Jacob and Joseph's era (PBUT). She loved Joseph and the story is mentioned in the Bible as well as the Holy Qur'an.
*PRITHIVIRAJ: The king of Delhi who loved Sanjokta more than his life.
*QUASIMODO: The "hunchback" lover of the lovely Esmeralda in Victor Hugo's "The hunchback of Notre Dame".

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