So trudged another day

Out of this dragging life of mine.

Calls for the evening prayer

Blare from the mosques' loudspeakers

Hearkening the faithful of God

To save themselves from perdition.

The verses of Gray's Elegy*

Resound in my heart and mind

As if reminding me once again

About the futility of life and love.

O, the age in which I am!

A global kingdom of falsehood!

False people

False standards of living

False values

False feelings

False promises

False definitions of happiness.

How the demons of destruction

Are working on the minds

Of the naive and gullible of this world!

How they hide their devilish macabre self

And nefarious designs

From so many!

How they are spreading hate

Malice and prejudiced ideologies!

How they are fanning terror

And planning chaos and bloodshed

Dividing mankind into scattered flocks

Of lost souls!

Woe be to the masterminds of war-mongering

Employed in

Fulfilling the schemes of evil

Making sin look fair

And attractive

Seducing men and women

Young and old alike

Even children

Wherever one happens to be.

I can only pray now

To God Almighty, our Creator

Along with the like-minded faithful

Praying inside mosques

Churches, temples, synagogues

And inside homes

To intervene as soon as He can

To save us -- His flock

From all religions.

And once more, as in the past

Punish the wrong doers

The progeny, the seed

And supporters of evil and falsehood.

Aameen! Amen! Everyone.

Say be it so

With me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Gray's Elegy: Elegy written in a country churchyard -- poem by Thomas Gray.
Posted on March 12, 2010.

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