The seagull flew past me

Again and again

As if asking me about you.

How we miss you

O my sweet Daphne!

Pray tell me

Where have you hidden yourself

In this vast universe of God?

Spring is just not the same

Without you.

The day passes

And evening comes

Making me miss

Your smiling welcome.

I saw children playing

And their innocent ways

Made me think of you

More and more.

And as the lamps lit up

All around me

I craved for the soft laughter

To light up my heart

For one more time

With its thousand tinkling bells

Chiming in ethereal harmony

Interspersed with the glow

Dancing in your moon-like eyes

Whenever you said:

"Welcome 'home' my sweet love."

How can I not miss you

O my life's core-essence!

The twilight here

Is as sad as poor me.

Once I used to tell you tales

Of the stars as they rose

One by one on the eastern side

Of the looming horizon.

Now I smoke cigar after cigar

In a futile bid to ease

The tormenting rhythm

Of a heart

That refuses to forget you.

Now night will draw

Its black mantle on everything

Closer and closer

And vivid scenes of a wonderful time

Will make my sleeping hours

Impossible to drag me

Into their entwining grip.

And I will while away

Every moment

In punishing wakefulness.

I cannot even cry

As you always disapproved

The shedding of tears

I cannot even complain

To the writer of my fate

As you never wanted that.

What else is left for me to do

Than to disguise my unspoken grief

Behind a facade of short-lived smiles?

Dragons of darkness mock me

While the noise of man-made leisure

Scowls at me like a haunting hyena.

And the only way left for me

Out of this despair-filled situation

Is reviving those days and nights

Which the two of us shared.

Nothing else really matters

Any more...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was composed long ago and posted here on March 10, 2010.

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