Blue black sky

Hiding smog of the day

Polluted beaches

Streams turned into gutters.

No night-time rest

In the so-called advanced cities

Of modern-day progress.

Women offering themselves

To the highest bidder

As strip-tease acts abound.

Pimps strolling all night long

While gambling dens resound

With uncanny laughter

Of money squanderers.

Family systems have crumbled

And few people really care.

How lost are the men and women

Of these times!

What are we bequeathing

To the next generation

Have we ever thought about that?

The leaders of the world

Have turned a deaf ear

To the problems of the downtrodden

And the needy.

They are preoccupied

In furthering their expansionist designs

In lands where other civilizations survive.

Worse than the laws of the jungle

My eyes see this ironic side

Of advancement

Propagated by the world media.

But for how long

Will this race continue to fool itself?

Look at the destroyed remains

Of galaxies floating in space

Their light streaming down to us

Recounts how unbridled materialism

Ends up in the floating void.

But when will those who rule

Care to prevent the final doom

Of mankind

Is a question which hovers

As blue black as the nights

Of this perverted flock

Of Jekylls and Hydes

That struts about

In the garb of world's saviours.

Fie on them

All of them.

And also on those

Who make them sit

In the seats of power

The world over.

Where to go O Naveed


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on March 8, 2010.

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