Adam and Eve were created,

By Almighty God,

And the two of them had,

Neither father nor mother.

And lest men should boast,

Without them women cannot,

Ever be a mother,

God created Jesus Christ,

And made Mary the Virgin,

To be his unique mother.

God does not beget,

Nor is God begotten,

God is the Perfect Light,

Of the earth and the heaven.

God creates as He is,

The best of all creators,

And even Christ ascertained,

That God is the spiritual Father.

Christ promised the world,

The last great Comforter*,

Who would come after him,

To resolve every matter.

That great Comforter*,

Foretold by Jesus Christ,

Is Prophet Muhammad,

And he is no impostor.

All others before this Prophet,

Came to their own nations,

But Muhammad* is meant for all,

This planet's civilizations.

He glorified the Messiah,

And his holy mother,

And never did he preach,

Killing and slaughter.

Yet there are evil men,

Who with their extremist actions,

Are defiling the truth,

Of God's last messenger.

They are destroying the lands,

Where innocents live and breathe,

And bringing but destruction,

Wherever they find the meek.

These evil men and women,

Are not Muhammad's faithfuls,

They are disciples of Satan,

And harbingers of troubles.

Muhammad is but a mercy

Of God, to our world,

And when Christ comes again,

This truth will be retold.

Satanism is bent upon,

Chaos and division,

Fomenting murder and mayhem,

Through subtle terrorism.

Yet this will not go on,

For long, and good will win,

As it always does,

And falsehood will be gone.

The age of Christ's coming,

Again to this earth is near,

Through him will truth triumph,

And there won't be any fear.

Those who are Christians,

Must go back to the Gospels,

And keep the Commandments,

To ward of evil's spells.

And those who are true to Moses,

Must hang fast to Torah,

While the believing Muslims,

Must be Muhammad's roses.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Comforter: The accepted translation of "Paracletos" (Greek) as foretold in the Gospels of Jesus Christ (PBUH).
*Muhammad (PBUH): Prophet Muhammad, the last messenger of God and His chosen prophet for all mankind.
POSTED ON MAY 5, 2010.

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