The world says

Smoking is bad

Drinking is bad

That these two ruin one's health.

Maybe it's right

But I don't care.

For I don't believe

What all I hear

What all I read

Because I live

In a world where

Falsehood thrives

Amid many lies.

I am one of those

Men and women

Who always ask

What and when

Who, where, why

And I know

How words doled out now and then

Aren't always true.

I loved and lost

The fairest maiden

A man can have.

I know she is

In a better world

And I am happy for her.

What makes me sad

Is the fact

That I am still here

Living on for those

Who need me.

I am not being ungrateful

To the One who gave me life

And I know I must hang on

To the rope of survival

Till I must.

Yet I often feel

How arduous this task is:

When a new day dawns

And when it ends

When a new night comes

And when it goes

I am fighting a constant war

With myself

As I will myself to carry on.

And that's when I find

How helpful smoking is

And how soothing drinking is.

I never approached

These two reviled ones

As long as my loved one

Was always there to love me

Wholeheartedly and truly

With her warmth of smiles

And her hazel eyes

In whom were two deep pools

Of paradise.

And from where I used to drink

The best drink a man can have.

But life now is not the same

Any more

There are those who say

They love me truly

Yet they always take

Undue advantage of my feelings

And affections.

So I seek solace

In my friendly pipe and cigars

And sometimes

When the pain of missing

My sweet Daphne

Becomes unbearable

I kill time's stabs

With a few cups of golden wine.

Like I said before

Even if the world is right

About smoking and drinking

I no longer care

About what happens to me.

I know I won't

Pass away before my time

Here has been fulfilled.

So I say:

Fie on you O wretched world!

I just don't care

Any more

For all that you have to say.

For I have to cope with

This stress of my life's burdens.

For those who still need me

While telling Daph'

High up there

To wait for me

For a few years more.

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Posted on March 14, 2010.

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