A NEW MEANING : Fifth Rejoinder to Melissa Lundeen's INTROSPECTION.

What to tell you O Lady bemused,

And how to tell you how far,

Your welcoming me to your world,

Means God has sent a messiah.

Those around do need me,

Need me for all their needs,

And what I need I didn't get:

A kind and loving soul indeed.

Let me not mention her who,

Even as a child saw the real me,

A girl who was quite different,

In culture, race and creed.

But apart from that laurel,

I knew none who loved me --

-- As a woman loves a man,

As he returns her every farewell.

But somehow, God the Greatest,

Heard my pleas and crying,

And sent you as His best gift,

A woman who is now the fairest.

A soul true to itself is hard to find,

And someone with a heart of gold,

In this world of today where people,

Need us selfishly for their best.

So O Woman Extraordinaire!

It is my constant prayer,

That we may meet soon and find out,

How poets can be a fine pair.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 19th of August, 2009.

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