O my beloved what a day of doom would it be today,

When your infidelity will be plainly exposed today...

Even though my gaze also reveals the story,

Your heart will also hound on you and prey.

To your street would I have still come O my dearest,

With a song of love meant for you O my dearest,

But would you have listened to it like before O dearest?

Yet O my heart's ache, today I am possessed,

Though with a thousand and more regrets,

And yet my heart beats only for you O my dearest,

To disclose This have I come here O my dearest:

And from now on I shall never ever come here again, O fairest!

Hoping that this madness of mine perishes forever.

I wonder how my love for you wouldn't resound here and there.

And now my beloved, just a wish before I vanish and disappear,

I pray may you too love someone the way I still love you,

And may that loved one of yours avoid you and betray...

And just in the manner I craved and pined for your love,

May you too long for his company wishing he may stay,

And in the same spell of madness may you be found here like me,

O my beloved, is there anything left for me to prolong my stay?

So, O my beloved, this is my very last day,

Never ever again will I come past your way...

Yet my love for you will be praised by poets,

And my madness be a symbol for lovers gone astray:

Yes my will very soon be the doomsday,

Yes, believe me,very soon it will be my very last day...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on June the 14th inspired by a song,,,tbe theme was too good to be ignored and then...the lines the gentle rain from heaven.

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