Listening to Santana,
Recreate a long gone scene,
All around the echo rings,
"Black Magic Woman"...

...How I wish you were near,
Right here by my side,
Making me feel alive,
My "Black Magic" woman!

Throwing pillows at me,
With mock anger,
Glowing on your features,
O what a memory!
Your hair trussed upon your face,
Making you even lovelier,
O "Black Magic" woman!

How I wish you were here!
With your cheeks all rosy-red
As you say, "No, I aint,
A black magic woman..."

Without you, what am I,
O my "Black Magic" woman?

Come, let us 'fight' again,
The way we did years ago,
Ease the angst and the pain,
Come, be mine, forever,
My 'Black Magic woman'!

Where have you gone away?
Where to, tell me, I pray,
When can I join you one day,
Beyond the blue and the gray?
For only you can be,
A defiance of destiny,
Mine and mine only,
O Blackmagic woman...
...My 'Black Magic' woman!

O my soul's best half!
Who else you but you?
My unforgettable Daphne:
My "Black Magic" woman.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on February 26, 2008, with Santana's song "Black magic Woman" resounding in my ears. I used to sing this song for my first love: the chaste, beautiful, seflessly caring and most loving: my very own Daphne John.

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