With each passing day,

I see some more fools,

Crossing my path of life,

Pretending to be wise.

Chaos is increasing,

Global warming, pollution,

Beautiful nature,

Being destroyed steadily.

I see young men and women,

Seeking a reason to live on,

I see the downtrodden,

Struggling to carry on.

I also see the rich ones,

Busy in adding more,

To their swelled-up bank accounts,

Without compunction.

I witness right and wrong,

Truth and falsehood,

Gearing up, as always,

For an epic battle.

And then I ponder,

On what Emily* said,

That mankind is,

Servile, insincere.

I look at myself,

In the mirror,

Trying to make out if,

I am just like others.

My heart and soul,

Revolt at this age,

It is not easy,

To compromise and be.

Where is the woman,

Who promised happiness,

Who said, "Let's fly high,

In sky's caress"?

Deborah*, the poetess,

Artist, sculptor,

Why is she unaware,

Of my soul's duress?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*EMILY: Emily Bronte -- Read her poem "I am the only being".

*DEBORAH: Deborah Russell -- famous poetess with her own site on Postpoems.

Composed on May the 6th, in Karachi, Pakistan.

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