O Muslims of the world

When will you awaken

And get ready to ward off

The dangers that threaten.

O Arabs and Iranians

Why seek obliteration

Why not shun differences

And become a bastion.

O Turks and Pakistanis

Do your bit to end

Widespread humiliation.

O Muslims of India

You too must hearken

And unite with the rest

Of your Islamic brethren.

O suffering Palestinians

Do not lose hope

For God Almighty's help

Will end your persecution.

O mighty Egyptians

You raised a Saladin

Why not search again

For a soldier like him?

The enemies keep conspiring

To destroy us slowly

Through false propaganda

And baseless condemnation.

So pay heed to the dangers

Lurking all around us

And prepare to defeat

Leagues of the evil one.

We are the best in spirit

Our faith is our strength

And God is our Helper

Why not become super fit?

Heathens and wrong doers

Are busy night and day

To defame our religion

Why not keep them at bay?

O my Muslim brothers

All the world over

My heart bleeds daily

And offers a prayer:

Inwardly I weep

In the watches of the night

For the man to come and save

Us from annihilation.

May the good merciful God

Listen to my cries

And allow Truth to vanquish

Falsehood and sweet lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My heart bleeds to see innocent Muslims being killed and defiled the world over and sheds tears at the apathy that has set in...May God Almighty help the righteous ones in their just struggles, Aameen/Amen.

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