At times I am forced to feel,

As if I am doomed to be,

Among the idiots of these times.

How these people make me laugh,

Hiding a wounded heart within,

O these idiots of the times.

Is this really my age...

I keep asking myself when,

I see the idiots of these times.

Foolish men,

Fooling themselves - and others -

Struggling to live in these times.

Vain women,

Nude, exploited:

By the devils of these times.

The way they talk,

The way they stalk:

The filthy souls of these times!

Greed and hatred overflows,

Envy, malice and pride glows,

How can such eyes read my rhymes?

In such a dirty, rotten age,

I, a misfit, doomed to be,

With the morons of these times.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on January 7, 2008, in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

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