Shadows stalk

Threatening me

Like savages

From a previous life.

People shout about

As if others around

Are deaf to everything.

Some old women

Cannot reconcile

With their wrinkles

And gray tresses.

Some are glad

That their husbands

Have finally died

And given them

The loose rope

They always wanted

In their married lives.

Some men weep

And remember

The times when

They did not need anyone

To take care of them.

Some young maidens

Are worried and waiting

For the men who said

That they loved them

And made them pregnant.

Some minstrels

Still sing love ballads

And make some like me

Pause and think

That there is love

And lovers still alive

In this otherwise

God-forsaken world.

And then this lovely

Beloved rare woman

Who dotes on me

From far far away

Makes everything

Look pure and wonderful

And I know that

In this world of hate

I am lucky to be loved

By the very best of all

Women who live

Just to love and be loved.

Adorable Aphrodite

And her Ardent Orion

Will always adorn the array

Of clusters in the night sky

Of souls moving to and fro

Just wondering all along

In their spiritual state

About the undying power

Of God-blessed true love.                            

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by the sights and observations mentioned in the lines and then everything was overshadowed by something very lovely and heart-warming: the thoughts of my beloved rare woman...the one who truly loves me.

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