Blood sucking politicians are on the loose again,

Fooling the mobs with false promises,

Democracy they say will save my homeland,

Whereas kleptocracy is their real aim.

They are entangled in a manic quest for power,

Little is their concern about the people,

Three want to grab the seat of authority,

While there's no let go by the mighty dictator.

A former cricketer is also in the fray,

Even though his plans remain unclear,

A powerful mastermind resides in London,

Not a king but a real kingmaker.

The superpowers along with their allies,

Are calling the shots in this great tussle,

Preferring to remain behind the real scenes,

Grinding their own axes amidst all the trouble.

What will be the future of my beloved land,

And the fate of those who toil and struggle,

For how long will we continue to be fooled,

Why can't anybody rise up and stand?

Somebody - a loyal son of the soil,

Who can change the mobs' hearts and minds,

And inspire them onwards under his banner,

And repay the debt he owes to this land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on September 24, 2007 in reaction to the political developments worldwide.

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