I have to move on and on

To reach the land where my beloved is

My struggle is a long quest

But the reward awaits me as my bliss.

I have found this world mostly of men

And women who can be but selfish

And when this lovely woman crossed my path

I did not take long to say "Amen" --

To say "Amen" to God's plan for me

Among all He gave me the very best 'she'

To praise her traits is to praise my Lord

As without His Will nothing can 'be'.

Some say I lament in my feelings for her

Such folks do not know what love really is

In love like mine or Romeo's

There is no lamenting, there is bliss.

Physical and skin-deep beauty adorns all

When youth does with its magic enthrall

But it is the soul's loveliness that fades not

And my beloved is endowed with it a lot.

She is one of the rare and vanishing breed

Of women who come blessed with the gift to love

Vanity or pride is not their creed

For they come blessed from our God above.

My beloved rare woman did what no one could

Saved me from being engulfed by a quagmire

In her words of solace and comforting deeds

I found a love which is born of cool fire.

And as time passed she restored my lost courage

And with her gentle ways she healed my heart

She reciprocated the love in me for her

And not once did she employ any callous art.

I have true friends who stand by me

At all times, in joy, in misery

But she stands out as the one loving woman

Who loves to give her all to me.

Her love borders on the mystical

Her views are visionary and spiritual

She is never unkind, capricious or frail

And her being is divinely magical.

I am quite experienced in this world's ways

Can sift the false from the genuine

So I say this with all the faith in me

That I am hers and she is just mine.

If anybody dares to doubt this truth

I am ready to step in and defend her

For me, to love her, is to love God

And let no human dare to defile her.

Our love is not based on lust nor greed

Nor does it depend on any selfish need

What we have for each other is true

True love which very few felt or knew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about the woman who truly loves me. This is all about her and me as even I love her with all my heart and soul and regard her as God's greatest gift to me.

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