It is the month of Muharram again,

A month which makes good Muslims reflect and think

About all that led to the Karbala clash:

The battle between good and evil.

On one side was Shimr's* villany,

On the other: Hussain's* steadfastness,

Against injustice, oppression, tyranny.

Along with his 72 valiant faithful,

The son of Fatima stood firmly

Against the creed of devilry,

He was the grandson of Muhammad

The last messenger of Allah

He was taught patience and mercy

But not bending to evil anarchy.

So despite hunger and thirst for days

He and his loyal ones mocked misery.

From the seventh to the tenth of Moharram

They were denied water by the enemy.

Yet so unflinching was their love of God

That they chose to be killed most willingly.

And instead of being cowed down by evil Shimr

The 72 taught all of us about fealty --

And submission to the Will of God

And patient resistance against the odds.

And on every first ten days of Moharram

The sands of Karbala echo with praise from Heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Muharram: First Islamic month.
Karbala: A place in Iraq where Hussain, the son of Ali bin Abu Talib and his followers embraced martyrdom while battling the forces of tyranny and falsehood coming from Kufa in Syria.
Hussain: The son of Ali and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
Prophet: Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

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