You always said the night is for rest,

To strengthen the heart, for the body's best;

You stressed these hours are for comfort and peace,

Like balms for the entire day's worries;

Yet, I found naught but disappointment and grief,

And even your fondest memories bring no relief,

As the darkness grows I ponder with regret,

Why, even you, failed my love's test,

Why, you too, were like the rest...

What have you left for me save tears and promises,

Lies and deceptions, and some tearful caresses,

Every moment that goes by reflects the agonies,

How you chose to rejoin our enemies;

Oh your words of honour and your long black tresses,

Destroy me at the time that you said is for rest...

How simple were my ways? What did I seek most?

Wasn't it your love only, my generous host?

You assert and reassert like the holy writ,

That love vanquishes every baseless wit,

Oh, how I fell in the net you knit!

Look at me now, what I have got,

Peaceless nights, my love's labours lost,

And like all that appears before the eyes then fades,

I have found your promises too are lackluster jades,

What I was is what I am not...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 24th of August, 2004.

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