Getting up to find myself,

On my own, nobody around,

Except God:

Inside me and outside me,

A light of a divine entity.

No soul to ask how I am,

Or how I would like to be.

Empty Cappuccino coffee cups,

And cigarette butts,

Tell their own story.

I try to fill my empty glass,

With mineral water and after that,

Fulfil my craving for a cup of tea.

But there is nobody,

To share these first moments with me...

The cellphone rings,

It is a call from my workplace,

I am asked to come,

As soon as I possibly can,

Loads of work to be done,

I am told.

There is no time for breakfast,

As I have to to get ready and run,

In a hurry...

Thus begins another day,

In my life's tiresome journey.

My children too have tasted,

A sip from the bitter dreg

of survival in this modern age.

Life will move on father, they say,

We have to toil all the way:

So, no matter how tired the legs,

Or the body as a whole,

The light within my being shines,

And rekindles an inner glow,

That energizes my soul,

Enabling me to carry on --

Onward, onward,

This is the passing of my days...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on June 28, 2007.

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