I see spring waving its last goodbyes

And tears dance again in my sad eyes

Another autumn is at my doorstep

And my beloved too must have wept

At this changing of seasons...

How many more songs should I listen to

How many emails explaining too

That my spring will soon enter my life

And stay like a spring that never flies...

What sort of a living am I putting up with

With certainty slowly and slowly withering

All expectations of pure romancing

With my beloved, beautiful, rare woman...

Faith and hope still cast their light

On my heart but it's not that bright

As I look yonder at a parting sigh

Of a green maiden leaving me to cry

Ah! The green fairy has sadly walked away

And golden brown colours of slow decay

Make me return to songs, emails

Sent by my beloved for me as sails

For the boat which has only me

And my heart tossing in a vast sea...

I am losing the tussle with my years

And optimism is giving way to fears

Whether I will ever reach the shore

Where my beloved, rare woman's cheers

Will for me open her loving heart's door

And usher me to her divine dwelling

As our arms entwine and become hoops

And hugs and kisses of passion swoop

Cleaving separation, keeping us clasped

To each other in the great love grasped

After the killing long spell of waiting

And the odds that kept surmounting

Like gigantic cliffs with twists and turns

Like genies laughing with sarcasm

As my boat defied every ebb and tide

To be closest to my loved one's side...

Will this dream of mine become a fact

Or will I keep enacting my fateful act

Interspersed with the songs she sends

And the emails too which neatly blend

Giving a breath of life to the spark

Flickering like a dim lamp in thick dark

Will I be able to successfully steer my boat

Till I can rush into her waiting arms and float

In her dreamy, teary, love-filled eyes

And rejoice at finding my paradise?

Then this sailor's songs might rhyme

With the love she'll say: was just mine.

Is that blissful hour destined to come

Or will I be gulped by the sea's demon?

Whatever happens she will know one day

That the sailor's love for her did stay

Not for a while like a sport or play

But forever, just hers, night and day...

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