Returning home,

After a day of hard work,

To be greeted by children,

Who are just as lonely

As one can ever be...

We have our joys,

And our griefs,

Some told, some not,

We don't blame destiny.

O Lord God,

You too can see,

How they feel,

My children - three?

I can manage,

On my own,

But don't they need,

Their mom at home?

For how long O Lord,

Will this go on,

I do my best,

To ward off the ache,

Of loneliness,

From ensnaring my kids,

Their mother didn't understand,

And returned to an alien land.

She left them to seek wealth,

As if there wasn't enough -

For her it was never enough!

How can a mother do this,

How can she,

Trample on every memory,

And be so selfishly free?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on March 23, 2003 (Sunday) at The News International's Editorial Room in Karachi.

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