When Bruce Lee fights you hold your breath,

And gaze in awe at his graceful stealth.

Eyes don't blink, they just look on,

Marveling at his superhuman form.

They have seen James Bond, but, no sir,

Before Lee the 'Dragon' James can't stir.

The 'Dragon's mastery has no match

His speed and fury fit in no batch.

The power he unleashes with his kick,

Is enough to make the best of them sick.

Who can compete with his unique style,

He is the 'master' with guts and a smile.

Shaolin Temple is proud of him,

He glorified it in fact and film.

When the 'Dragon' strikes with its lethal tail,

Nobody can stand, they fall and fail.

His flurry of punches, his chops and kicks,

Downs the pretenders wielding the sticks.

When he takes out his nun-chakus and thrills,

Cameras cannot catch the speed of his skills.

God made him to be the best of the best,

And to this day he has stood time's test.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written on Bruce Lee in 1984. Revised before posting here on August 18, 2002.

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