What is a heart without grief -- without the 'feel' of living;

Without the pain hidden deep, do my tears have a meaning?

Love, I agree, destroys one's present and future,

But, is it too high a price for the life hereafter?

Let me too try my luck with those hovering around you,

Let me humble and kiss you with each loving breath.

The rose you gave to my rivals will wither one day,

But the thorns of my share will not fade, wilt or die.

O Beloved of mine, can you not see and feel,

How my whole entity with your love you do steal?

Believe me not but ask the flowers and stars

That I am destined to be yours whether here or in Mars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on August 18, inspired by a thought-provoking comments by another poet friend. Also posted on and modified on the 17th of August, 2010.

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