POETRY AND TRUTH - 2 (With a response by Deborah Russell

Truth has been stifled,

To come out as sighs,

Yet you have to accept,

That it never dies.

Since time immemorial,

Truth has vanquished falsehood,

Be it through a prophet,

a sage or someone liberal.

Should I talk of the fire-pit,

That failed to consume Abram,

or should I talk of the Cross,

that failed to kill the Spirit?

Must I speak of Moses,

Or Mary and Fatima,

Do I need to repeat all,

About Muhammad and Madinah?

Or shall I recount the bold one,

Who gulped down the hemlock;

Reiterate about the Prince,

Buddah - the enlightened person?

The tyrants of every time,

With their chosen flatterers,

Failed to overcome truth,

The odds did not matter.

I see 'Prometheus Unbound',

And 'The Light Brigade';

And know that truth always wins,

While falsehood has no ground.

Be it a sage or a warrior,

A soldier or conqueror,

The ink of the pen of truth,

Is holier than the martyr.

Deep Sigh of Truth

That deep sigh

from a well of water

it's echoes living

breathing truth

from mountain high

to trickle in streams

and in the night

of gentle dreams

will Truth ever quench

a thirsty prophet?

Truth will never

wash a blind eye

or hold the hand

of the earthy wise man.

yes, speak of fire-pits

that fail, speak of lie's

attempts to prevail

and tell me

of the deep blindness

of shrouds and veil

speak of unholy hell

tell me Truth's story

sing pure the psalms

of Righteousness

and let's take the quill

into the light

and let Truth

edit and rewrite.

Deborah Russell, 2002.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An online collaboration with Deborah Russell. The response was on August 8-9, 2002.

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