Yes, why not?

Why not stroll,

and laugh with joy,

in the waves?

Why not we,

hand in hand,

jump to the moon?

Why can't we,

visit Keats,

and Emily?

Why can't we,

invite them here,

for a cup of tea?

Let this world be where it is,

Should we care if the snakes hiss?

In the grass,

by the shore,

of the waterfall;

Let us call,

Omar Khayyam,

and share rhymes.

Let us go to Jupiter,

let us revisit Mars;

Let us reshape our world,

with visions,

of heart-lit stars...

Yes, why not?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on August 3, 2002, in response to Deborah Russell's beautiful poem titled "Benedictions" on

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