WITH THE WOMAN FROM JUPITER (Response to From the ground by Deborah Russell)

She said she came from Jupiter,

This woman who met me,

As I was rambling in my thoughts,

Pondering on destiny.

Her song of sublime responses,

Somewhat soothed my aching heart,

We know each other since when?

It does not matter; now or then -

What matters is we understood,

The meaning of each other's rhymes,

Beside the sea, between the sands,

Beyond the reach of man-made signs.

This woman from Jupiter,

And me, the man from Mars,

Know the language of all times,

Of mosques, churches, temples' chimes.

So, with other great poets and writers,

Artists, sages and heroes,

We sat and talked about corrupted Earth,

And the moral decay of its dwellers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a response to Deborah Russell's reply titled "From the ground' to my poem "Will I be answered?".
Deborah Russell, beyond doubt, is a poetess with finesse, instinctive poetic appeal and artistic responses...the traits of a writer of great calibre.

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