Drifting alone in the snowy place

I thought I would help a soul

The angels laughed and conveyed:

"God knows best about that face."

From my heart tears gushed

As I remembered the story

Of "The Little Match Girl".

And to me this lost child

Also looked the same

A shivering flower

Facing bad days.

That innocent gaze

I couldn't ignore -

A pearl cast out

From the ocean's floor.

Never did the cold

And the snow stop me,

To help one who

Was helpless, alone.

Little did I care

For any hidden weed

As her eyes sought help

The help she did need.

The compassion in me

for that little match girl

Made me blind

To the traps she did keep

Using her innocence

Tears and sad smile

To make me a victim

Of tricks and guile.

To this day

I try to figure out,

Why and what for

I went out of my way

To help that girl.

Yet, I have not

Learned my lesson still,

And willing offer

Myself for the kill.

Do that little match girl

Of the old fairy tale

Also behave thus

Like the frail creature

Who fooled me neatly

Though she appeared

A little match girl...

And then I did feel

Deep within me

That it takes all kinds

To make this world reel

Around and around

For eons and eons

So I can't say

The fairy tale girl

Was anything like

The modern match girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed for somebody who belonged to a dysfunctional family and longed to be admired, appreciated and who sought my help in getting on with her life. Now she is a very successful pop artist...and even though she behaved like the girl I mention in my poem, by no means shall I ever name her.

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