I seek God's refuge from Satan,

Just because he has been given the leave?

The reprieve allowed till Doomsday,

To lie in my wait and ensnare me?

Making me the Khalifa* on Earth,

And with all angels prostrating,

Knowing about me which even I know not,

And breathing in Adam Your breath and glow:

Why did You give power to Iblees*?

Who taught him all his evil ways?

And then made a pact with him,

Permitting him to mislead me?

Saying You will fill Hell with those,

All that couldn't bear to resist him,

Making Eden for Adam and Eve,

And then planting a forbidden tree:

When the angels asked You, my God,

That this creation of dust and clay,

Would work mischief on this world,

You replied You were the Lord:

You taught Adam all the Names*,

And showed him as better than them,

Was the devil hiding in an unseen place,

Why didn't he see Adam's greatness then?

Then You gave Eve and Adam everything,

All that their hearts could desire,

But, you knew there was that tree of loss,

Why didn't you uproot it from Eden?

Why was Satan allowed in that Garden?

Who gave him permission to be there?

The devil who had disobeyed You,

Why was he shown how to mislead them?

You, my God, made Adam and Eve,

The best creation till that time,

You assert that You loved them most,

Yet, made the Serpent* seduce them?

Then You banished then from Your Grace,

Even though you know each and everything,

Were my first parents made to be thrown?

And the evil one made to wear a crown?

No, my Good God, I cannot understand,

The reason behind this purpose,

Save that even You create and destroy,

And on your puppets blame the fuss.

You sent prophets from time to time,

Why were they always the chosen ones,

Who gave one the mind and strength to kill,

And made the other's sacrifice sublime?

What is the meaning of all this God?

Will you, please, satisfy me?

You showed Abraham how dead will relive,

Will You end my curiosity?

I have pondered; I have thought and thought,

You, Adam, Satan and the chosen lot,

Appear to be making fools of us,

Else, this chaos doesn't have You O God!

O, the promises of Your Last Day,

How they clash with my night and day,

If I deny it's by Your decree,

Would I be on Your Path or astray?

Why this stress on the commandments?

Kill Satan, make this the Last Day?

What are You waiting for O God?

Can't You hear what my heart and soul say?

End this creativeness of Yours,

Destroy and find a better way,

Where no power belongs to anyone,

To lead or mislead, guide, waylay...

There is no God besides You,

Let the truth of glisten and shine,

Why this mayhem of confusion,

When You are the Truth as You say!

I often pause by the beach and watch,

Then fall down on my knees and pray,

I feel that Truth lies hidden somewhere,

Not in this world’s chaotic fray.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the dawn of Friday, July 7, 2002.
Khalifa is an Arabic term which means successor - Adam and Eve and their progeny are successors of a previous generation that inhabited and ruled Earth. Iblees is also an Arabic term used for Satan. Eden's use is also allegorical and metaphorical in some lines here. Forbidden fruit is alluded here as the weaknesses instilled in man by God as forgetfulness, disobedience and sin...Many instances in The Holy Bible and The Holy Quran corraborate this statement of mine.
The Serpent is the form taken by Satan to seduce Adam and Eve in Eden. It is also a metaphor defining the hideous evil inside every man and woman. Readers are requested to read this poem as an allegorical one instead of trying to understand or explain it in its literal sense.
Thank you one and all.

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