EMBER OF MEMORY (Collaboration with Deborah Russell)

Deborah Russell begins stanzas, Muhammad Naveed Ahmed replies:

I am caught in the waves of a rushing tide

Where does one run with no where to hide?

Like you once said, in this world of lust and greed,

Who wants love without selfish need?

Im still chasing rainbows and dreams

And love is never of the heart it seems.

So rightly put, I know how you feel

The repeated stabs of bloodthirsty steel

The lusty denizens of this lousy land

Wait like vultures above desert sand.

The waves rush and gnawl at my heel

Grasp for my heart and cause me to reel

Is it love that makes my soul tremble and shake

Or is it what mends and binds the heart that breaks?

Even my feet are cold in knee deep water      

But I don't care, it does not matter,      

A soul like Ophelia where can I find

Selfless love, sincere, caring and kind,      

Always willing to give without expectation,    

Without a frown, without hesitation,        

Having the best she was ready to be,    

Just for me and only me.

The crab without a claw clutches my toe

I feel the gnawing pain but don't show,

How I am rent apart by Adam's last seeds            

How I am entangled between unseen weeds.

The song in my throat still waiting to sing

And the love in my heart a fluttering wing

A rapture thats quivering within my soul

That mysterious love that captures and holds.

The song in your throat is Orpheus' lute,

You strive to sing a forgotten note,            

The rapture that quivers within your soul            

Will it ever lead you to your destined goal?

Why do you battle and question your conscience?              

Love needs no proof, it is ever radiant...

In the deep of this pit a smoldering burns

An ember memory of the pure love that I yearn.

Why do you shake and shiver when love has been found,

Does anything else matter? Waves, light our sound

The ember memory of that love which you yearn,              

How can you find it in this superficial world,              

Or are you striving to capture a stone you hurled?

Thousands of waves have tumbled the seas

It's but love does shake when I try to break free            

I stand and challenge the tidal wave              

Be like me, why can't you be brave,              

How can love shake your feet, tell me how,            

When it strengthens everything, from below and above?

I have found love a yoke, reins and a tether

And am yet searching for love  like a feather..


Or is it a parched fragment that you clutch,            

Love stands on its own, does not need a crutch,            

The open sea is a contest for you and me,            

Let us be like Prometheus, let us be free

I know love's something that touches ever so light

That will never hold me or grab me too tight...              

Oh, ask the moth that crashes and dies            

In its quest for the flame queen loses his lives            

In the morning both the moth and the flame are gone            

One achieves eternity, the other forlorn.            

Let me tell you a secret of all hearts that love,            

They want nothing but a hope and a vow,            

Beyond selfishness is their treasure-filled realm,            

Beyond ifs and buts and how and when.

It was those ties that bound me quite tight and confound

Gave to my need for love,  no limits or bounds...

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