THE COLOURS OF YOUR HUE (Collaboration with Deborah Russell)

(Muhammad Naveed Ahmed begins stanzas,

and Deborah Russell responds:


You and I, let us seek fresh solitude,

Where there is no rush, where there's no dead wood,

Where you and I can see all the way we want to,

Where just talking gives peace and harmonizes mood.


Let us seek the warmth of sun and smell the light of each day new,  

And confirm the beauty and grace of trees against the skies.


Let me see you happy and carefree,

Laughing at the surrounding beauty,

As your eyes reveal the secrets of your soul,

And time loses meaning and we see eternity.


In the deep silence of understanding and earth's unity,

We continue to seek only nature's harmony,

Where souls weave in song's sweet brevity.


The music of silence being felt by us both,

The rapturous melody all encompassing,

The understanding that can be felt by our hearts,

The solace that wisdom unravels as a whole.


We cast troubles in the deep blue of the sea,

And leave worldly sorrows to set our hearts free.


I will watch you as you paint a world with your words,

Inspiring me to join in and share anew,

The strains and stress of a sorrow-filled world,

Painting them again in the colours of your hue.


And even the trees give ear to your song,

A psalm of kindness that undoes each wrong.


The song that you and the birds will sing,

Will be refreshing to the soul as life-giving spring,

Taking the mind to heights never dreamed of,

Fine-tuning the symphonies on ethereal wings.


A stream of clear notes that washes the soul  and heart,  

That cleanses the dark of eyes and makes a new start.


Come let us away to the place of the true,

And let us find what we sought.... me and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Online collaboration done without preparation on a fine summer's evening...Deborah had a fine knack of doing online rejoinders, like she used to say :) ...we both loved such online collaborations.

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