HER LOVING (With responses by 'Ivor', 'Red Stormy' and Beki Lynn)

That which burns the heart, wounds it and hurts,

Tired I am O friends of her way of loving.

By making her mine, what did I get?

Happiness departed, snatched was my peace,

Even when I longed and sought it desperately,

There never was a moment she spared seriously,

And even now when she has left me,

What have I received except misery?

True, dear friends, it is hard to carry on,

But tired I am really of such selfish loving.

That which burns the heart and hurts it constantly,

Better I am O friends, better to be lonely.


'Ivor' replies:

"My friend I understand

I too am still haunted

by what has gone,but

I seek and hope to find

a love that is kin.

My wish for you

is that you do too."

'RedStormy' adds:

Oh this is heart breaking..but well written. I also hope you find new love like Ivor said.

Beki Lynn says:

Yeah, what they said

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on September 28-29, 2002 inspired by a beautiful song sung by Lata Mangeshkar and filmed on Madhu Jee (late Madhubala) in the Indian film "Nirala".
The song is a concise and accurate description of my feelings after what has happened with me in my life.
My poet friends at Haiku Hut have responded to my verses. Please read my poem 'New love'?

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