O, my first and only love: Daphne John
Please come back to me O my beloved,
Let me take you to our love's destination,

Let me walk in your dark, black, tresses' shadows,

And cherish the charming contours of your face,

Ah, how beautiful will be that walk O dearest,

O, come back to me my sweetest beloved.

I shine just like the sun my beloved,
But I lack its bright hot light,
I keep awake the entire night,
While most of the world is in deep asleep,
Your memory keeps me sleepless my love,
O, where are you unforgettable beloved?

You would have chosen none but me,
If you had known between a gem and a stone,
With full justice you would taken my hand,
And walked with me to our love's destination.
Love and true lovers are like brilliant stars,
Adorning the Milky Way for a million years,
Our souls too will join them if you come,
And take my waiting hand in yours.

Where have you gone O my darling beloved?
Leaving me like a wandering vagabond,
Pining for nothing but just your love,

Punish me no more O my lovely beloved.

Come, join me, let us ride in the night,
And sleep under the green trees' shadows,
I want nothing else but your love my beloved,

Come, wherever you are, come back to me.

Why make you miss you so O my own Daphne,

At least come to meet me in my lonely dreams,

Like a wave seeking another wave,

Even I want you so my Daphne John...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Composed by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed aka Emmenay on May 9, 2018). This poem is meant for my first and unforgettable love Daphne John whom I crave even today).

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