Sri devi, the screen darling of millions, has gone!

Can't believe it but she has really gone!

Only a day ago she was vibrant and full of life,

And the very next day I read: she was gone!

O my Good God, how can I believe it,

That someone not so old has definitely gone!


Only a few years ago she was still the same,

In "English Vinglish" her grace and her charm,

Made me retain that movie in my mind,

Wondering how she remained so young yet calm.

How can I forget her memorable roles,

On the Hindi silverscreen, in "Chandni" and "Lamhe",


She could be a mischievous imp in her comedy,

And a tear-extracting queen of tragedy,

I cannot ever forget her in "Mr India",

Nor can I forget her coy role in "Sadma".

Her "Kartril Entham Geetham" sung in "Johnny",

Opposite Rajni Kaanth is a haunting melody....


Was she destined for such an early death,

I ask myself in my hours quite often,

So young, so pretty and so full of life,

How could her life candle still her breath?


The screen darling of millions has gone!

O my Good God, how come she has gone!

A fact, a truth but so hard to believe,

How can I believe Sri devi has gone?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to one of India's screen heroines, especially who made it good both in Tamil and Hindi-Urdu movies. She was one of a class. Just like Madhubala the "Venus of India" died in her 36th year in 1969, Sri devi too has left us at 54. Undoutedly another like her will take generations to emerge the way she did. A fine actress to the core she was charming, vivacious, yet when the time came her role could get so serious and tear-jerking that it is hard to explain here. I cannot believe that she has really departed from our midst. I saw her latest movie "Mom" and here she did show signs of her aging but not in 2012 when "English Vinglish" was released and seen by a multitude across this wide world. Yes, I cannot still believe that she has her Maker. May He have mercy on her soul.