Summer and autumn have gone,

Winter's cold winds are alarming,

The wealthy are full of joy,

While the poor find it frightening.

I notice and observe the difference,

The line dividing the rich and the poor,

I see the affluent enjoying the time,

And the have-nots too, spine chilling.

God Almighty made all of us equal,

But we don't care at what's happening,

Our foe, Satan, has worked out his scheme,

And has divided many with his planning.

The rich women have warm, good clothing,

But they like to bare and look enticing,

The poor huddle under torn blankets,

They suffer and suffer, never complaining.

Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves,

But their offspring likes to bare everything.

All this makes me sad and depressing,

To see the rich ones caring about nothing,

Worried about naught their lives -- enjoying,

And I become sadder when I see a child,

On roads and pavements, starved ahd begging.

In tattered and torn clothes I see them crawling,

Spreading out their arms so we gjve something.

Not even a kind word do most of us offer,

And scold the needy without even thinking,

That time's wheel of fortune keeps on turning,

And the rich may lone day lose everything.

That is why God Almighty appointed doomsday,

To judge the rich and their charity giving.

They will plead to their Maker to forgive them,

And give them one more chance of living.

When God sees the humbled poor souls,

He will shower His mercy and His blessing.

The rich and the poor both lived in this world,

But on that last day the rich will be burning.

Burning in Hell fire for they did nothing,

For those who were forced to begging.

There will be no injustice done to none,

The meek will be in Paradise, rejoicing.

They suffered in this temporary world,

While the rich thought there won't be an ending,

But God is the Greatest, merciful and loving,

He will give plenty to the hungry and starving.

Satan would then be running for his life,

But death will mark his evil ending.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem came to me -- was inspired by God Almighty Himself -- as I reflected on how some people in the world are growing richer and richer without even thinking about their time of death and how the poor keep suffering in poverty and misery and forced to beg on the roads, platforms, buses, trains and even in parks. What makes me sad is that the wealthy ones do not care about sharing their wealth with the poor ones. But then the judgement day is not far offf....then the rich will be begging to God to grant them another life while fearing the fire of Hell and the poor ones will be showered with the Almighty's mercy and taken to Paradise to enjoy life forever.

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