The ascending moon, the stars and the clouds play,

Like children in a park,

Unperturbed by the amusements of their parents

Who joke, laugh and cajole with each other,

Some by the pond, some under the glimmering trees.


I wish I could be like one of them.

But destiny has chosen me to be alone,

And somewhat different from the world,

inhabited by joy-sharing men and women,

Along with their carefree offspring.

I look above at the moon, the stars and the clouds,

Hovering just like the playful children in the park.

Then I look beyond and glance at the stars,

They are also together but look as lonely,

As I am on this world of so many humans.

They are all revolving, each in its own orbit,

Not disturbing each other in any way.


Then I look beyond, at the faraway horizon,

As far as the eyes could gaze.

I feel the emptiness that surrounds us,

The unfelt loneliness of the vast space.

Then I look again at the playful little ones,

And their joyous parents.

Am I too one of those meant to be alone,

Like the stars arrayed overhead?


My mind negates the thought and takes me back,

To the days of my childhood and then my youth.

When even I had a truly loving companion,

A maiden the like of whom I haven't seen again.

Who adored and loved me with the sponaneity,

With which I too felt for her and showed her,

In as many decent ways as I could ever do.

The special woman -- my only beloved.

Who loved to revolve around me,

As I liked hovering over her,

As love's decency would allow both of us.


We could have been together today,

Just like the happy men and women,

With their merry children.

But the Maker of each and everything,

Chose to part us and took her away,

From my side to be with Him,

In what is described by many,

As a much more beautiful place,

Than this planet where we live.

And I was left to live the rest of my life,

With just myself and my shadow.


Mysterious are the ways of God Almighty.

Maybe my beloved is far, far happy,

Where she is now than she was here.

Who knows but the Maker!

While I am left to seek my joy in others,

And be happy to see them so.

Ah, my beloved, wherever you are,

Never forget that I still love you,

Maybe more than ever before.


You may be in God's grand Eden,

While I am toiling my days and nights,

Thinking as much about you as nothing else.

Missing you at every moment of my existence.

O my beautiful maiden high up with God,

I am very happy if you too are high up there.

In your joy was always my own,


So, like before, even now it is the same,

Nothing has changed for me, O my beloved dearest.

I certainly cannot change my fate or yours,

But I have to learn to live,

The art of being happy by thinking,

That you are more happy high up there,

With God Almighty and the angels.


So be it my dearer than the dearest.

To make you happiest was my greatest desire,

And to think that you are with God and His angels,

More happy than all the men, women and their children,

In this park of a man-made world,

What cause exists to make me sad?

I am also happiest deep inside,

Believe me O my everlasting beloved,

If you are happiest, so am I, over here,

I just have to feel it...

Why shouldn't I?

What else then is my lovefor you?

What else, O my dearer than the dearest beloved?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of Daphne, my first, only and everlasting beloved beautiful one. I still love her and if she is happy high up in Paradise with God Almighty and the angels, why should I not be happy here? What else is love?

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