The journey has been long and arduous

But I had to undertake it

Just so I could arrive

At that place, where I am able to say "I love you"

And really mean it.

 © L. A. Syne - May 10, 2012


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Zeena Syne was one of my best friends. She was humble, modest, virtuous amd selfless --- she would do anything for her true friends if she could. She loved my poetry and described me as a "REBORN KEATS". She too wrote poetry but not often as her passion was  music, travelling and entertaining friends. This poem was written when we both got quite close and she wanted me to leave the whole world just for the two of us. I did not fatom that she loved me so much as she has expressed  her feelings for me in this poem....which I managed to retrace from the pages of a Sherlock Holmes Short Stories stacked away in my bookshelf. May Allah (God Almighty bless her..Ameen/Amen.

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