Nawaz Sharif and his little brother Shahbaz,
Are the left over crumbs of General Zia,
Z.A. Bhutto was selfish and ambitious,
Played his part in dividing the nation.
With Mujibur Rehman, Bhutto and Yahya,
Fooled the ignoramuses of this good land.
Then Zia came forward and with his bastion,
He too got addicted to power and passion.
That was when Nawaz and Shahbaz also came,
To fool the populace and join the rat race,
Plundering the land and deceiving the people,
These two became the devil's disciples.
But Nawaz met his match in Gen Musharraf,
Who outwitted him and then ruled the nation.
Benazir, the widowed but ambitious Bhutto's wife,
For the sake of power and riches also lost her life.
Now Imran the once talented captain of cricket,
Has chosen to gain power and keen is his zest.
Bilawal has not learned anything from history,
He too wants to be a five penny mystery.
After all we, the real Pakistanis, what do we need?
A shelter to stay, clothes to wear and daily feed.
The cunning politicians will live to fool the mobs,
But maybe God the Merciful will hear our sobs,
And send just one more Muhammad Ali Jinnah,
To save Pakistan from becoming jahannah*,
Author's Notes/Comments: 
*JAHANNAH: Arabic word for Hell which is Jahannam in Urdu.,
By Muhammad Naveed Ahmed aka Emmenay. All rights reserved with the author of the poem.
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