Life is at times like "The Arabian Nights",

Where Scherezad's stories do not end,

But prolonged to the next night,

So that she can live too see the sight,

Of a new day...

At times life is like a Grecian myth,

With its gods and goddesses and demons,

And sometimes it is a clue to truths,

With inspired scriptures, God, Satan.

In childhood life is like a song,

When merriment sings along,

Love makes youth sweet, beautiful,

Especially if it blooms inside two hearts,

Otherwise it is just miserable,

Broken hearts wih sighs and  tears.

In all the years that I have lived,

Loving God has been my creed,

By loving God, I love His world,

To be His is all I need.

To sleep under the sky at night,

I am wrapt in devotion,

For I marvel at God's greatness,

And revel in fascination.

I see no end to the looming sky,

In me there is no or why,

For all this had been made for me,

I thank divine inspiration.

This universe had a beginnning once,

And it is sure to meet its end,

I do not fear the flames of Hell,

Eden too is for me, to spend. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed while contemplating on this world and its history and then reflecting on the vastness of the sky above...marvelling at God and his greatness and realising that if there will be a doomsday and Hell, there will also be the bliss of the Garden of God described as Eden. I know I will be with my God in the Garden...with all the pious and righteous men, women and children who have lived in this world loving God above all.