Writers have written and gone away,

Poets have versified and drifted too,

Yet the soulful voice that comes from the heart,

Is destined to be remembered till the Last Day.

O my beloved, you were my friend,

Then the prettiest dame who came my way,

Let our love too be like the soul-filled song,

Which, till eternity, retains its sway.

Everything is doomed to be destroyed, they say,

Yet the Will of the God of all does stay.

Has He not told us of the blissful abode --

It is just the opposite of Hell

Paradise -- The Garden of Eden --?

The beautiful place where we will always be loved.

Like the soulful song, above the top most cloud.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on November 11, 2016, while taking a walk past a shopping mall. This poem speaks, of my true love for my unforgettable DAPHNE JOHN. I am a guy who often reflects and suddenly a sublime thought fills my if God has created Hell and Doomsday, He has also created the Paradise widely known as the Garden of Eden. If sinners are to suffer eternal damnation in Hell, will the Most Loving God leave the loving good men and women and not give them, especially true lovers, their best reward: BLISS? 

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